Terms of Service

This instance is administrated by Tom Dickinson. "Admin", "I", or "Me" in the following text refers to Tom Dickinson.

Code of Conduct

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Privacy Policy

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Invitation Policy

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Admin Rights

The admin is committed to seeking appropriate community input for substantive changes to labyrinth.social policy, or other major administrative actions. However, the admin reserves the right to act as the final authority for setting and enforcing of these terms of service, up to and including suspension or banning of users.

Availability of Service

This service is provided as-is and makes no guarantees of uptime or availability.

I am a hobbyist, not a professional sysadmin. I only kind of know what I am doing here. When I invite people to join me here I'll be doing so in the hopes that they can build a social presence that will be meaningful and important to them, and that is a commitment that I take seriously.

For me, this is an experimental hobby project, and so I ask you to bear in mind that it may not work out perfectly or last for a very long time. It's possible that I will burn out, or not be able to justify the (currently small) expense at some point, and there will be no one to take over for me, so it'll shut down. I could also just become completely unable to keep things going for health or, uh, death reasons.

What I can promise is that I won't just get bored one day and pull the plug without warning. If the service is going to be made unavailable temporarily or permanently, I will make a good faith effort to provide ample warning.

It is recommended that you take regular personal backups of your posts and uploaded media by using the "Request Your Archive" feature located in the Settings > Import and export > Data export menu.

Server Moderation

The admin reserves the right to Silence or Suspend ("block") other fediverse instances.

"Silencing" prevents posts from the silenced instance from appearing in the public timeline visible on labyrinth.social, but it does not prevent users of labyrinth.social from following or being followed by users of that instance, or any other form of interaction. An instance may be silenced if it observes a set of rules that is differs significantly from our code of conduct.

"Suspending" an instance prevents it from interacting with labyrinth.social in any way. An instance may be suspended if its users frequently engage in unacceptable and disruptive behavior.

A list of moderated servers can be found here.


labyrinth.social is a small, invite-only Mastodon/Hometown server for pals who are in a labyrinth.