I know there are a lot of people out there trying to Explain Mastodon To You, but this is my attempt and I happen to think it's pretty good.

Maybe you or a friend will find it helpful?

Please boost!

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I've gotten a lot of really good response to this, it seems like people are finding it helpful!

I'm probably going to edit a few things based on feedback. What are some questions you have? Or things you think I should emphasize more?

One thing I'm hearing is that people were surprised to read that it's possible to migrate between servers, so I'm probably going to call that out more emphatically and add a bit more info about how that works (and how it's not perfect).

@tom This was really great and easy to follow. Thanks!

@tom a good article! i am sharing it around.

one thing that might be good to add is that lots of folks are more judicious about who follows them. they often turn on follow requests, and prefer for users to have an icon and profile so there's at least some indicator of a real human being behind that follow.

@Hexephre That is a good point! I may add that to the tips section.

@tom yeah I've been on thus #mastodon since 2018, never looked at this platform as a replacement for Twitter. I would say it's a different world.

@tom Excellent explainer, Tom. The best one I’ve read yet. It might even convince some skeptics we know! 🙂

I’ll sneak over to the old place and boost it.

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