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If you are interested moving to (or just setting up an alt here) please send me a DM!

You can find out more info about the server here:

For the moment I will not be inviting strangers, only a small number of people I’m already acquainted with.

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Hi, I’m Tom! he/him, ace, loosely cis. I am a podcaster, writer, data analyst, and tech dilettante. I live in MA, heart belongs to RI.

I sometimes post fandom stuff, particularly Doctor Who, Homestuck, Nintendo, and Star Wars, but also others. I have zero patience for fascists, terfs, racists, etc.

I run, see @admin for toots related to that. I am currently its only user but will be inviting a small number of folks later this year.

More about me:

Never thought I'd be saving a file called MyHole.png, but here we are. How have YOU been wasting your talents today?

#CreativeToots #MastoArt #DrWho #DoctorWho #JunjiIto #PhotoMontage

Maintenance Phase does an episode talking shit about (so-called) Effective Altruism

me: sickos.jpg

yasunori mitsuda
his name is yasunori mitsuda

signed up for cohost without an invite code, which means I have no ability to post.

big improvement over most social microblogging platforms which, unfortunately, have always allowed me to post

ok tech issues are resolved so I'm giving this another try:

I'll be streaming Torna: The Golden Country (the Xenoblade 2 prequel DLC) this Saturday at noon eastern on Twitch.


it's very difficult for me to imagine donald trump "lunging"

just finished the audiobook version of "A Legacy of Spies" by John le Carré last night. Dude wrote all time classics in his thirties and continued absolutely crushing it well into his eighties. A bona fide legend

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@tom had to give this a try. Apparently Knucles Is In It

I'm thinking an adventure game/visual novel kind of thing in the vein of Ace Attorney.

Tinker, Tailor Soldier Spy has a pretty natural "mission" structure, with different player characters. There'd be a Ricki Tarr chapter, a Peter Guillam chapter, a Jim Prideaux chapter, and a George Smiley chapter

I feel like one of the core problems with the book and its adaptations is that you don't know get to know the suspects well enough, a visual novel with investigation segments could really work there

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sucks that there have never been video game adaptations of John Le Carré's novels

body size stuff 

welp, time to go spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes for my first pandemic-era wedding because none of my old shit fits my body anymore

probably the best/cheapest solution to this would be to buy a new capture device... and maybe I will do that? idk

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I think OBS has a feature that addresses this

but the capture card I own (Elgato HD60) does not work with OBS on a Mac and from what I can tell from some time spent googling, there is no solution to this whatsoever

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Back in 2020 I did a one-time stream of Wind Waker HD on the night of the election. That worked fine, but in order to make that happen I had to physically move my TV to be next to the computer so I could play on the TV, and get live audio by plugging my headphones into the TV's audio out, while capturing/streaming with my desktop.

It worked fine, but it was not the kind of thing I'd want to do regularly

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Here's the technical issue I'm having: if I'm streaming from my desktop computer, then the switch has to be docked and hooked up to one of my two desktop displays.

That's fine, my displays both support HDMI. But neither one has audio out, which means I can't hear the game audio.

The capture card is capturing the audio so it can be heard on stream, but I can't hear it live while playing

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