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Hi, I’m Tom! he/him, ace, loosely cis. I am a podcaster, writer, data analyst, and tech dilettante. I live in MA, heart belongs to RI.

I sometimes post fandom stuff, particularly Doctor Who, Homestuck, Nintendo, and Star Wars, but also others. I have zero patience for fascists, terfs, racists, etc.

I run, see @admin for toots related to that. I am currently its only user but will be inviting a small number of folks later this year.

More about me:

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If you are interested moving to (or just setting up an alt here) please send me a DM!

You can find out more info about the server here:

For the moment I will not be inviting strangers, only a small number of people I’m already acquainted with.

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I am hoping that the mcelroys doing blades in the dark will expand the pool of people who would be willing to play blades in the dark with me

I think my least favorite thing about cousin weddings in my family is the social pressure from my parents and siblings to "make a weekend of it."

I've been asked multiple times for this weekend if I'm SURE I don't want to stay with the family the night before and after. "Are you sure you want to drive all the way and back? That's a lot of driving"

"It's only about 80 minutes drive away from my apartment. How far from the venue are you guys staying"?

50 minutes.


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if I am ever fortunate enough to be blessed by the institution of holy matrimony, not a single cousin will be allowed at the ceremony. not one.

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in zyxx he does a silly voice and there's an effect on it so I didn't make the connection as easily

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when I listened to the penultimate episode of Mission to Zyxx I didn't really know who Brennan Lee Mulligan was.

Then during the three month gap between episodes, youtube started pushing Dropout content on me really hard so I watched him in a lot of shit, not remembering he was in Zyxx. Then the finale dropped and I'm like "whoa, it's that guy!!"

if you have access to my plex server and you notice that I keep up with Rent-A-Girlfriend, please pretend you didn't notice that

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it's very important to me that nobody ever learn that I adore the extremely trashy romcom harem anime Rent-A-Girlfriend

band name idea: Red Hot Julie Peppers. This works best if you are a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band and your lead singer’s name is Julie

she puts on a fantastic show but I had to leave before the encore because of sleep reasons.

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can't believe I never watched the live action Ace Attorney film until last night. it's so good

i dreeamed there was a kingdom hearts spin-off game where you play as banjo and kazooie


Pretty sure he is friends with a panther and has two scimitars

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Just googled how many Drizzt Do’Urden novels there are now, and I hate the answer.

I definitely read more than ten of them but I cannot remember anything about them

do you ever wonder what your parents would have been like if they grew up in the era you grew up in

This sounds like a shitpost but it’s canonically true. Favreau explains it in a Mandalorian behind the scenes featurette. It’s called a “chain code” in universe

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