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New instance, new #introduction time.

Hey, I'm Andy. I'm a designer and front-end developer who runs and agency called Set Studio (

I made a book with @heydon too:

The best way to find all my places is here:

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Don't think I ever posted an #intro, so here goes!

I'm Adam, a #frontend developer at Lullabot, working in #Drupal . Been building sites since 1996, & love learning, experimenting with #css #html and #javascript. Big advocate for #a11y & #accessibility: the web should be for everyone!

Live in Tampa, Florida and I'm a co-organizer for @fldrupalcamp , the best Drupal camp in the world.

Spare time - wife, kids, cats & watching #football (both kinds) & spicy food.

Adventure is out there!

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I did a podcast on #DesignSystems and #ContentDesign with @zeroheight

We talked about:

What are the biggest challenges for content designers working on design systems?

How soon should you hire a content designer on a design system team?

How can we make design system documentation more maintainable?

And do we need to rename design systems (TL;DR - no)

Catch it here:


Run is done! A little over 2 miles run in 25 F / -4 C weather. A winter hat and gloves were my best friends.

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Going on a run in 26 F / -3 C temperatures tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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Hey! I’m Jhey 👋

I love bringing ideas to life with code. I'm a web developer turned developer relations engineer. Currently working on web platform things at Google ✨

I've built 100s of demos (1674 on CodePen at the time of writing 👀) that have given me somewhat of a reputation as a creative 😅

Looking forward to somewhat of a "reset" on here where I can share some more of "me" alongside the "tech" stuff.

Please say "Hi!" \ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/


Adulting part two today consists of my second least favorite chore--washing my duvet cover and putting it back on my comforter.

I do use the burrito method ( if you're curious) but it is still not my idea of a good time!

Bedtime Aubrey, however, will be very happy to sleep under a clean duvet cover and sheets.

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I've just moved to (thanks for having me!), so maybe it's a good time for another #introduction.

I'm an elder millennial and #Frontend developer from the UK, living in the Netherlands. I love writing #CSS and improving #WebPerf and #accessibility, though I'm interested in all things web-tech. Medium opinions, loosely held.

I'm married and a parent. My hobbies are reading (mostly sci-fi and history), gaming, knitting, sewing, and being cosy. Walking and cycling are also nice.

Cleaned my bathroom this afternoon, my least favorite chore. I also made my bed and swept the floor. A+ adulting today!

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I wrote this three years ago:

“One day, Twitter and other publishing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Medium will indeed die, like so many sites before them. And every time this happens, we lose most of the content we created and with it a fair amount of our collective cultural history.”

Own your content.

Publish on your own site.

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Now is probably a good time to say this:

If you're a blogger or artist, don't trust *any* social media as permanent.

No, not even here.

Create a website.
Keep it updated.
Manage the infrastructure.
Take regular backups.
Post links.

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I’ll be leading a training at New England #Drupal camp next week. We’ll be looking at #CSS and #JavaScript in libraries as well as the #PHP parts that relate to theming.

If you’re in the region, register now at

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Finally bought my New England Drupal Camp ticket—looking forward to seeing everyone who will be there!

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Happy Friday!

Take a minute today or this weekend to appreciate yourself if you are in the #FOSS community. Whether you write code, documentation, fix bugs, test patches or just plain use it, your contributions matter to everyone. #OpenSource is all of us, and we should appreciate ourselves and each other more.

You're important, thanks for being you.

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I #KnitMyPhD! Asteroid impacts, molten metal and 4.5 billion year old space rocks - you can read all about it in our recently published article 1/3

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Alrighty, time to do an intro!

I'm Patrick (he/him) in Queens, NY

I'm a product
Pre-pandemic I got on stage and did (time to bring that back!)
I and host the show Repeater which you can find on your podcatchers!
Also, is my driving force.

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Setup a #Mastodon account for Florida DrupalCamp yesterday!

We are one of the longest continually running #Drupal camps in the world (since 2009). The Camp takes place every year in February in sunny Orlando, FL 🌴 ☀️ and consists of 3 days of Drupal (and Drupal adjacent) presentations and training

Next year's camp is February 17-19, 2023 and anyone interested in Drupal or #FOSS is welcome to attend.

Learn more at or follow us at

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👋 ya'll, #introduction toot!

I think this is my 3rd or fourth attempt with Mastodon, and it really feels different this time. Curious to see what happens - but happy to have a variety of people joining Mastodon.

I'm a #podcasteditor who never has time to do my own podcast anymore, leaning left but trying to lead with love, sometimes enjoy #hockey but can't skate, #Apple nerd, and enjoy making tech understandable so people can have fun creating. #enneagram 4.

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So if you teach someone about using #Mastodon, are you providing a toot-orial?

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