Figured I should post an here for those who don’t know me! I’m Aubrey and I work as a at Lullabot, doing fun goodness with and . I also write sometimes, too! For fun I , , and plan in my using my many . Give me a follow if any of that sounds interesting!

@starshaped all in for the Hobonchi content! I went back to a paper planner in 2021 I think, and it’s weirdly effective at stress reduction. I’m intrigued by the Hobonchi paper.

@katherined Yes! Glad to find another paper planner person. I love Tomoe River Paper and I hope the new paper is just as good when it comes out.

@katherined Nice! I'm giving the Weeks a try for 2023, but if it doesn't end up being enough room for me, I'll try a Cousin. I hope you enjoy it!

@starshaped the other contender is a spiral bound one with extra dot grid paper per month from plum paper. I love using dot grid and a larger page for my copious notes, but the spiral can get clunky. Decisions. lol

@lapis Hi! What are you using this year and are you switching it up for next year? I currently use an A6 and I'm moving to a Weeks.

@starshaped I have an English Cousin that I cannot wait to use! I loved the A6 techo but I think I need something a bit more robust, I keep running out of room!

@lapis I was debating a Cousin for 2023 to use as both a planner and journal, but I have so many Leuchtturms to get through before I do that. Someday!

@starshaped interesting. Never met someone who was that into fountain pens. 😎. Welcome

@starshaped howdy, you what makes a run a good one for you? I’m a release engineer and runner

@Citizenkahn These days, just getting out and doing it makes for a good run. No matter how it feels while I’m on the run, I always feel good afterward.

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