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Figured I should post an here for those who don’t know me! I’m Aubrey and I work as a at Lullabot, doing fun goodness with and . I also write sometimes, too! For fun I , , and plan in my using my many . Give me a follow if any of that sounds interesting!

I’ve been going by starshaped on the internet for over 20 years, and I’m thinking of changing it to involve my first and/or last name. I’m highly due for a change!

Ran a 5k today and I love how ridiculous I look while I’m running. Thanks to my sister for taking the picture!

Nothing like running into the “node-sass doesn’t work on M1 Macs” thing at the very end of your workday! (And yes, I’m updating it to use dart-sass.)

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While I may have been affected by the layoffs @Netlify, I still believe in their motto of “Build a better web”. I am currently looking for my next opportunity to do just that! Here’s what I bring to the table 👇

I’ve been writing HTML for over 20 years, and just today I learned about the `<menu>` element. It’s not deprecated and has been supported by all browsers for almost as long as I’ve been coding!

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Not good to hear that XJM (Jess) was among the layoffs at Acquia today! She's been a core committer for over 7 years, and seeing women leaders like her in the Drupal project means a lot.

#Drupal #Acquia #womenintech #techdiversity

Started my Christmabirthday socks last week and I’m already almost to the heel. I knit a pair of socks every year and wear this special pair on my birthday, which happens to fall on a certain holiday in December. It’s a little treat to myself.

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Hello people of the Fediverse! Some of you may have heard that a new Mastodon client, Ivory,  is in development for iOS (and Mac!). This is true! Tapbots is going all in on Mastodon and we hope this place continues to grow and thrive. Tweetbot will continue to be developed alongside Ivory as a lot of code is shared. A new Mac version of Tweetbot and Ivory are also currently in development and we are working hard on getting those towards a public beta state.

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This is what all of #Drupal has been waiting for!!

Sessions submissions are open for the world's best #Drupal camp.

Florida DrupalCamp has rolling session acceptance. So, the earlier you submit, the better your chances!

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The founder of Post said today that the company is explicitly *not* focused on accessibility. Disappointing to read something like this in 2022
#tech #technology #Disability #twitter #postnews #twittermigration

Related, I want to spend my time off at the end of the year dusting off my sorely neglected blog. I may change the domain to my first and last name, I want to update my blog’s tooling, and I WILL write posts consistently in 2023.

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Starting to think about my 2022 in review blog post, and I don’t even know where to begin with it. It’s been a year full of ups and downs, but I’ve pulled myself out of some rough times and am feeling better than I have in years. How do I even write about that?

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Hey! I just moved over to labyrinth, so lemme do another


I'm Nash! I work at a library & write songs, make games & zines, and also do some odd computer music stuff. I like plants, nature, & science, and occasionally get a lil mathy too.

I post a lot of jokes & silly nonsense on here, and I enjoy meeting new folks, so feel free to say hello!

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#Drupal10 is being released on December 14 and we are throwing a party!!

This will be a remote event by the community for the community.

If you’re interested in volunteering, there are many open roles:

Delightful evening with my family consisting of my aunt’s turkey, my maple bacon pecan Brussels sprouts and apple crisp, a game of cards, and singing to the oldies. A+ day.

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hey, this is Rat! I have just migrated instances on mastodon. is my new main account, my account is now inactive. I'm trying to recreate my followers/following list, so please feel free to boost this toot so people can find me

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For many #indigenous people, including myself, we don’t celebrate #thanksgiving. A romanticized tall tale of a day. If you’re near Plymouth, #massachusetts on #thursday, this event the #NationalDayofMourning will be happening.

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Today the United States celebrates the bloodiest war in its history by ritually and collectively forgetting it ever happened

A genocide took place where I now live; the Pocumtuc, Nonotuck and Nipmuc peoples were slaughtered and driven from this place I now call my home

Thousands of people were killed; thousands more were sold into chattel slavery, to be worked to death growing sugarcane as some white man's 'possession'

#Thanksgiving #landback

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After receiving backlash for adding an overlay to their site, #MeetUp has decided to change course.

For anyone who's not familiar with #accessibility overlays and what they claim to do, take a look at the Overlay Fact Sheet #a11y

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