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I'm Evan (they/he/idk), queer, male-ish, Chinese American, born and raised in North Carolina, currently a QA engineer in Washington DC. I am a fan of , , and enjoy video games and tabletop gaming of all sorts.

I wish I could figure out how to pull off a cardigan. 🤔

Me, smelling white vinegar: "wow that smells like salt and vinegar chips!"

ai art theft (topic) 

I hate how often I look at art now and go "is this ai art? is this art i can support?"

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Knives Out is truly not available for streaming anywhere huh

It's embarassing how many times I've watched this episode.

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git commit -m "my pr reviewers HATE this one weird trick"


Today was bad enough that I uninstalled my Twitter client from my phone. Finally!

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Twitter is literally so miserable right now why do I keep going there Jesus.

I still haven't really watched that much Classic Who but The War Games is so fucking good I could watch that on repeat forever.

If I ever changed my name, I would change all my usernames to "Evanly [NewName]"

I know they call it "Energy" in Marvel Snap but I can't not call it mana.

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