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(you'd think I would not need external confirmation about this but caches lie and I'm not quite sure I understand how caches work across servers in the fediverse)

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Additional aws test... 5 emojis should display in the above post, and 5 in this one. Please let me know if either of those is not the case for you
:ms_crt_noise: :ms_rainbow_flag: :ms_male_symbol: :ms_crt_blue_screen: :ms_quoiromantic_flag:

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Testing aws. Let me know if either my avatar or the image in this toot isn't displaying correcly

Status Update: added (some) custom emojis from the mutant standard set

:ms_crt_green_lines: :ms_ace_sign: :ms_asexual_flag: :ms_pride_100: :ms_crt_test_pattern:

there won't be much here for a while but eventually it's gonna be something

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