is there a list somewhere of possibly blockworthy instances I can review and use as a starting point?

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@admin #fediblock is used for this purpose, to announce blocks and alert other instances. I think there's an archive of chud instances somewhere but I'm not an admin so I haven't paid much attention to that

@robotcarsley Thanks for the pointer! That sounds like a good place to start.

@robotcarsley @admin

in addition to the fediblock hashtag, you may find our suspension list useful

(note: some of the instances listed don't have links to the announcement posts with the reasons unfortunately)

@admin view the list of , is public, provides explanations and could match some of your values.

@admin check the server info for, it lists blocked instances and why.

@admin I think mastodon dot social's list is a good starting point.

This topic is on my mind too; I launched my instance this week.

I don't know if there are any great tools for sharing this sort of data at present -- it sounds like the core mastodon team feels strongly that having One Blessed Block List that could be easily subscribed to has the potential for misuse:

@admin there was to archive the fediBlock hashtag, but the site says it's on indefinite hiatus

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